Free Xia Air Conditioner Energy Saving Device

Sign up to receive a free Xia Air Conditioner Energy Saving Device! Xia is a revolutionary new product that helps regulate your air conditioner usage while maintaining comfort and saving you tons of money in the process.

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PS4 Pro Giveaway

Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment has partnered with Togoo Tech, Jaypee Online, Kworld and Hamswan to bring you a PlayStation 4 Pro Giveaway which includes an accessory pack including Kworld Gaming Earbuds and the Hamswan 2.4ghz Wireless Gaming Headset.

One winner will receive...Read More »

Rrroll Up The Rim at Tim Hortons

I call it “Roll Up The Rim to Lose” but maybe you will have a better track record and actually WIN. The past losses have not prevented me from participating every year though. I’m that kind of sucker. Plus, I love the coffee.

The online version has had a...Read More »

Win a Camera from

If you are chosen as the winner in the most recent contest from you get to decide between the CANON 5D MARK III or NIKON D800 for what gets delivered to you. Both have some great specs and retail for approximately $3,000. Even the worst photographer on...Read More »

Toss that pigskin in BC! Ready for Grey Cup contest

Mark’s (previously known to all of us as “Mark’s Work Wearhouse”) is running a great promotion right now. You can win a trip for two to attend the 102nd Grey Cup® in Vancouver, valued up to $5,000. With that Polar Vortex apparently set to hit us again this winter in...Read More »

Don't get samples. Get full size products for free!

My beloved @AndyAndaCoffee likes to call me the “Queen of Free”. I tell him that I’m the Princess and my Mom is the Queen. She’s the one who taught me to always look for a good deal; as well as the Golden Rule of Free Stuff:

If you...Read More »

September’s $229 Kindle, Paypal Cash or Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I Am A Reader and several book reviewing bloggers are holding an amazing giveaway for the month of Setpember. There will be two (TWO!) winners chosen for their choice of a prize valued at $229.

7″ Kindle Fire HDX (US Only – $229 Value)

She’s Connected, I was thrilled when I hit 100 followers. When Maple Leaf began following me, the first “Brand”, I was over the moon. Each follower afterwards always gave me a thrill. But it seems that...Read More »

Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom celebration [and a giveaway!]


Sometimes in life you get the chance to meet others that just strike you to the core as genuinely nice, honest, GOOD people. This phenomenon occurs in the virtual world of the internet, Twitter and Facebook just as often as it does in real life. From my experience, it happens...Read More »

An Auction where you always walk away with something (plus free credits from me!)


Like most people who visit here, I like to get good deals; especially for things that are “treats” for me and not a necessity. One of my indulgences, which is very good for my well-being, is an outing at a restaurant with a few of my friends. However, my monthly...Read More »

International Delight Iced Coffee [giveaway]


I have officially become an iced coffee fan. This is a big change for me. I\’ve spent at least a decade shunning it since the fad began. (Guess I should stop calling it a fad since it is here to stay.)

This change came about because of International Delight. They sent...Read More »

I can honestly tell you....


Originally I was going to write a post for The Great Canadian Blog Bash about some of the wonderful things my USA boyfriend and I were planning to do during his visit this July. People frequently complain that Toronto is an expensive city. I know from experience that...Read More »

White Trash (Alexandra Allred) [includes giveaway]


Alexandra Allred is a new author to me. I downloaded her book from Netgalley because the cover caught my attention (being truthful!) and because the summary seemed interesting to me.

Then I forgot about it.

For at least 2 months. :-/

One day, I received an email from someone asking if I would...Read More »

When the prize you get is not the prize you expected

Door Prize Ticket

First, complete honesty – I am definitely a Contest and Swag Slut. I love free things (good free things – not crap like bubbles or 10mL samples) and the absolute rush that comes from being chosen as a winner. A rough estimate of 100 contest entries per month would not...Read More »

Where's Cathy? Giveaway

Can you find all the Cathys hidden wiithin our site? You could be selected as the winner if you have the correct response!
Discover the areas of our site to locate all of the Cathys (not including the sample to your left!) then come back here to enter our...Read More »

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