Making Money

In my opinion, there are two ways to make money: earn it through work, or win it through contests. After all, winning items that you would normally have spent money on keeps that money in your own pocket, and not the store’s coffers. Below are some of the establishments that I have regularly used and confirmed to be spam and scam free.

The best Black Friday deal -- 80% OFF on webhosting

If you are flirting with the idea of registering a domain and setting up a site, or looking for a new host, NOW is the time to do it. From November 23 to 29, 2016, the hosting company I use, Arvixe, is holding a sale for a one-time discount of...Read More »

Saving and Making Money with Apps

If you have a smartphone (so many of us do!) you may not be aware of the plethora of apps available to help your household cash flow. Especially your grocery and household item budgets.

An important aspect of every company’s marketing strategy is to make consumers aware of new or improved...Read More »

PS4 Pro Giveaway

Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment has partnered with Togoo Tech, Jaypee Online, Kworld and Hamswan to bring you a PlayStation 4 Pro Giveaway which includes an accessory pack including Kworld Gaming Earbuds and the Hamswan 2.4ghz Wireless Gaming Headset.

One winner will receive...Read More »

Don't Miss this 50% OFF Deal on Web Hosting

If you are flirting with the idea of registering a domain and setting up a site, or looking for a new host, NOW is the time to do it. From February 17 to 21, 2016, the hosting company I use, Arvixe, is holding a sale for a one-time discount of...Read More »

Hacking Home Depot

Who doesn’t love home DIY, decorating and repair? Whether you’re the one doing the work or just making the plans, it’s always exciting to make updates to increase the functionality, beauty and value of our homes. According to Canadian home improvement retail sector statistics, we enjoyed it to the tune...Read More »

Don't get samples. Get full size products for free!

My beloved @AndyAndaCoffee likes to call me the “Queen of Free”. I tell him that I’m the Princess and my Mom is the Queen. She’s the one who taught me to always look for a good deal; as well as the Golden Rule of Free Stuff:

If you...Read More »

Where's my .TAX file???


When I was 16 years old (in the good ol’ mid-80’s), I filed my first tax return. What did I know about taxes? Nothing. So I listened to my Mother (this is normally when things go wrong for me) and paid her accountant (I think it was $50) to do...Read More »

Where Am I Partying Tonight?

The Twitterverse is a busy, busy place. And on the nights that Twitter Chats are running, it can be too busy to keep up. Unless, of course, you forget that they are happening, and completely miss out. My brain is more like a sieve than a safe, so I began...Read More »

An Auction where you always walk away with something (plus free credits from me!)


Like most people who visit here, I like to get good deals; especially for things that are “treats” for me and not a necessity. One of my indulgences, which is very good for my well-being, is an outing at a restaurant with a few of my friends. However, my monthly...Read More »

What Does a Blogger Need to Succeed?

Seeking Knowledge

As someone who is new to the Blogging Arena (with hopes of monetizing it at some point) I have a lot of questions and uncertainties. To educate myself, aside from scouring the internet, I search for people that could be helpful in gaining knowledge. This can be tough at...Read More »

How to get Netflix USA in Canada


Although we now have Netflix in Canada, the content here is different than the content in the USA. In my opinion, the USA content is a little more up-to-date and varied.

My \”First Things First\” would be to ensure your internet data plan allows you to watch the programs without going...Read More »

Overcharged? Get it for FREE!


There is a little known fact that I need to share with you. This “little known fact” I actually thought was well known until my friend @beaskneas pointed out that she felt she had very little knowledge about the details or its breadth. What am I talking about?...Read More »

Stores Participating in the Scanning Code of Practice

In a previous post I shared with you some information about the Scanning Code of Practice. Below is a list of the stores I have verified participate in this initiative. Please feel free to tell me of any stores that you have verified and I will gladly add them...Read More »



I joined WinJunkie early in 2012. To date, I have not won a prize but it doesn\’t feel that badly to not have won. For many of their contests, just by entering, the sponsoring companies provide an Entry Bonus and/or Consolation Prize of discounts or free products (sometimes with purchase)....Read More »



Contests and opportunities listed in this post are not ongoing. Dates are included in the heading.

CAA Game of Life (Sep 24 – Nov 18, 2012)

The Contest begins on September 24, 2012 at 9:00:00 AM ET and concludes on November 18, 2012 at 11:59:59 PM ET.

You play a...Read More »



I joined SwagBucks sometime in 2010. You collect swagbucks by completing various activities, which can then be redeemed for products, cash or contest entries. I like to save up for a PayPal payment (which I have received already). My friend likes to regularly redeem for Amazon gift cards....Read More »



TodaysDraw has a daily prize offered and awarded. You must check the winner\’s list each day since you have only 24 hours to contact them.

See today\’s prize offering

Entering takes 3 steps the first time; one click afterwards.

  1. Register for Free

    When you register you are entered into the day\’s...Read More »

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