Nov 17 2012

Indulge and Satisfy your Japanese Cravings at Teriyaki House

Teriyaki House
Located: 102 Lupin Drive, Whitby Map | website\"Teriyaki Teriyaki House – All You Can Eat Sushi, Sashimi and Tempura restaurant
Located: 102 Lupin Drive, Whitby Map | website[/caption]

I love this little place with the friendly atmosphere, happy staff and yummy selections to deal with my Japanese food cravings. I have been going to this restaurant for at least 3 years and they are always happy to see me when I pop in. There is approximately 11 tables that seat 2 – 4 but walk in with a group and they make the seating work! Whether you want to get a quite meal with your honey or get together with your friends I\’ve always had a good experience here!

I enjoy the all you can eat dinner $18.99 Mon – Thurs or $19.99 Fri – Sun and its been my experience that the quality of food or service does not change for lunch $11.99. My friend who is a smaller eater will chose a Bento box from the menu and that has always met her approval. Deserts are served in a two bite size portion, although my husband says \”if you need desert the meal was not very good\” however I personally NEED a little sweet after a good meal and he always tells the the server he wants two scoops of ice cream so that blows his comment out of the water! You can also enjoy japanese beer or sake with your meal too.

I have ordered by phone an picked up on my way home from work and they don\’t mind any reasonable substitutions, they always accommodate. Discounts are offered for seniors and children and $1.00 off per person coupons on occasions.

I buy their salad dressing for $5.00 a margarine size tub as my son will only eat salad with their homemade dressing on it!

Food here is always appealing, fresh and yummy I give this Japanese restaurant a Dine with Confidence award!


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