Oct 28 2012

Darth Vader and Tough Guys

When I was 10 years old, The Empire Strikes Back was gracing the big screen. I was one within the throngs of tweens and teens (and adults!) flocking to the movie theatres each weekend. My friend and I saw the movie at least 13 times; to swoon over Han or Luke usually, but we enjoyed the storyline too. At that age, the image of Darth Vader, twenty feet tall, menacing and choking others with the power of his mind, was a pretty scary experience. Now that was a villian!

As we get older though, we learn about special effects in movies and the real person behind the mask. The fear disappates a little. Such was the case with me. Until Free Comic Book Day came to Whitby, Ontario, Canada in 2012 to our favourite graphic store Comic Book Addiction. Then there was no trace of fear, but streams of laughter.

Darth Vader is resting his knees, which apparently were \”killing\” him, while waiting for his hot dog to be delivered. His lightsaber is a little less menacing than I remember. Nevertheless, some of the younger children were too scared of him to stand within a 5 foot radius. Job well done!


Shortly after learning from Darth Vader that the exterior doesn\’t always expose the interior, I spied this fellow at Union Station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada while waiting for the train. Tattoos, studded belt and punk-rock-torn muscle shirt instantly reduced him from Tough Guy/Bad Guy stature when I noticed the lunchbox. Yup; a Star Wars metal lunchbox featuring Darth Vader. Probably a very cool kind of guy to hang around with, but not tough and scary.


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