Oct 14 2012

Chuck Hughes

Thanks to Chapters Indigo\’s Green Room Event Twitter folks running amazing contests, in May 2012, I was lucky enough to have a Meet & Greet with Chuck Hughes. It was a Mother\’s Day promotion and truly I ruled in the gift department by taking my Mom there.


Chuck Hughes is the owner of two restaurants in Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada and the star of several shows on HGTV (mostly famously Chucks Day Off). His greatest jump in notoriety occurred when he defeated the reigning champion Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America. He was the third and youngest Canadian champion.

Chuck is extremely personable and friendly. He not only makes you feel as though he is genuinely interested in what you are saying to you, but he exudes graciousness for his fans and customers.

He told us a story of a recent golf club visit and mentioned wearing long sleeves to cover the plethora of tattoos he has. I joked about him not needing to do that once he got his third restaurant and show. Although he laughed, he also clarified that the shirt was not something insisted by the club, but something he imposed on himself. From his point of view, the club has a tradition and history with several members being of an \”older generation and mindset\”. Out of respect for those members, he covers his tattoos. Now that is a well-raised Canadian man!

As you can tell from the photo, Mom very much enjoyed meeting Chuck. She is looking forward to eventually getting to Montreal to feast in one of his restaurants. Of course, Chuck insisted that all us tell him when we arrive there, so he can set a reservation and come out to say \’Hello\’.

Doing my part to promote his latest book (you must try some of these recipes!) while posing for my picture.


Thank you to Chapters Indigo for the great event to meet Chuck and the other winner, Jessica (you can follow her on Twitter @JessFacc). The topping on the cake was a surprise Mother\’s Day basket presented as a special memento along with our personally signed copies of Chuck\’s cook book. What a great time!

You can visit Chuck online at chuckhughes.ca and on Twitter @chucksdayoff.

You can find the Chapters Indigo Green Room team on Twitter @indigogreenroom

You can read more about Chuck\’s history on Wikipedia.


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