Oct 14 2012

David Pecaut Square

David Pecaut Square, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

There are always a lot of activities happening in David Pecaut Square. Each event has certain characteristics but more importantly, unique stages, tents, banners and such. My co-workers and I are always curious when things start to be built as to what may be coming.

On a still warm, but drizzly, day in October 2012, my guess was that the Arabian Knights would be arriving in the faux desert of Toronto. It ended up being for the annual Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Light the Night Walk.


Who is David Pecaut?

I had the same question when the Metro Square was renamed in April 2011 (to very little fanfare or media I might add!)

Apparently David was the leading force behind many of the things that touch my life, and I had no idea. He greatly helped in the formation of the Greater Toronto Civic Action Alliance. He and this group addressed and looked for solutions in a wide range of issues, such as greening the city, diversity, immigrant employment and affordable housing. He was appointed a member of the Order of Canada in November 2009 and I hope that more people learn about the man and his achievements.

More details are available on Wikipedia



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