Sep 10 2017

So Delicious Dairy-Free Frozen Treats

Lucky me! I was able to try the So Delicious ice cream sandwiches for FREE through a Social Nature campaign.

So Delicious is a very suiting brand name because that is exactly what they were — delicious! I shared the treat with three of my co-workers, one of whom is vegetarian. All four of us agreed that they were tasty. The chocolate wafer was soft with a full chocolate flavouring. The ice cream was smooth, creamy, and hard to believe it was dairy free.

The only complaint we had was the size. The ice cream sandwiches are what I would call ‘kid sized”, similar to other brands’ products marketed for children’s serving sizes. Then again, when ice cream is yummy, I can never be satisfied with whatever serving size I receive.

Would definitely recommend for those with dietary requirements, as well as anyone else who wanted an ice cream treat. It truly was hard to tell a difference from the dairy format. Price point seemed high to me, but apparently is in line for products within this category.

One ice cream sandwich slipped through the Quality Assurance section like a four-year-old in a playground when Mom is saying it’s time to go home. There is typically a top and a bottom wafer. FTR, it was still delicious!
So Delicious dairy-free ice cream

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