Nov 21 2016

Saving and Making Money with Apps

If you have a smartphone (so many of us do!) you may not be aware of the plethora of apps available to help your household cash flow. Especially your grocery and household item budgets.

An important aspect of every company’s marketing strategy is to make consumers aware of new or improved products in their product offerings. For emerging businesses, this is extremely difficult, as name recognition and brand trust have not yet been established. The new trend of cashback apps for mobile phones has provided the opportunity to be a solution for many companies.

With these apps, consumers purchase a specific item, within a specific time period, upload an image of the receipt, and, once approved, receive the cashback amount created into their account. Once the account balance reaches the threshold amount, funds can be “withdrawn”. This either results in a physical cheque mailed to your home or an e-transfer to an account like PayPal. Or, if you so choose, you can let your account grow and grow and grow.

My friend Stacey mentioned her concern of a company suddenly no longer being active and requests withdrawals once the minimum threshold is met. I can understand that logic.

So what are these and apps, and how do you get them??

Cashback and Rebates

Checkout51 (founded 2013) – This is my most active app, and seems to have the most lengthy list of available products.

Caddle (founded 2015) – This app also gives you cashback for answering surveys that are 1 to 3 questions long. (founded 2000) – The same company that sends those amazing coupon and sample packages that we love so much!

Zweet (founded ?2016?) – You get points along with the cashback. Points can be redeemed for donations in your name to registered charities, or gift cards for yourself (such as to Tim Hortons).

Mobile Coupons

Coupgon (founded ?2015?) – Available only in specific stores (e.g. Giant Tire, FreshCo, No Frills Atlantic), this app displays coupons on your phone for immediate redemption in-store. Store may not allow a paper coupon to be used in combination.
(By the way, they have AMAZING customer service!)

Online Shopping

Ebates.CA – Canadian sites – Get cashback when shopping online, such as OldNavy.CA, Amazon.CA and Staples. – Amercian sites – Get cashback when shopping online, such as OldNavy.COM, Amazon.COM and Newegg.

Restaurants in downtown Toronto

Ritual (founded??)
After signing up, and entering a promo code, you will receive a $5 credit for your first two orders, for a total of $10 in credits. With the app, you can order (and pay) from your phone, while receiving points for purchases (base is 1 for every $10), bonuses, promo codes and referrals. Points are redeemable against your future orders (10,000 points = $10 off!). You can use a code from me: CATHERINE2120

Find the best deal for price matching.

Flipp (founded 2007) – Search for an item or brand name (e.g. bread, Sabra, car stereo) and all the flyers are scrubbed to return you the details. Or you peruse the flyers on your own. “Clip” items to save them to your list. You can also create your shopping list on here and it will automatically let you know what items are highlighted in a flyer.

Know of an app that I missed and you enjoy? Have you had a positive (or negative) experience with any of these apps? Let me know in the comments!


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