Oct 14 2012



I joined WinJunkie early in 2012. To date, I have not won a prize but it doesn\’t feel that badly to not have won. For many of their contests, just by entering, the sponsoring companies provide an Entry Bonus and/or Consolation Prize of discounts or free products (sometimes with purchase). This allows those who did not win the big prize to still feel like they have been rewarded.

Contests tend to begin on Sundays and run until the following Sunday, but there are some that do not follow this timeline. In addition to their National contest, they frequently run Local contests, mainly for companies that are not franchises. Quite frankly, I love this idea. This gives me an opportunity to learn about some of the hidden gems within my neighbourhood that may otherwise be overlooked.

In addition to their website, WinJunkie can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

See what WinJunkie contests are running today!

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