Nov 02 2015

Making a #Lashblast thanks to Covergirl

Those who know me IRL are very aware that I am not a good morning person. Since I’m always rushing in the early hours, and make-up tends to be the last things women do, it doesn’t get done. On a regular day, I’m normally naked faced (or “natural” – whichever you prefer.) However, the one thing that helps me look alert, along with my daily moisturizer, is mascara. Having eyelashes that pop makes anyone look good.

Recently BzzAgent connected me with an opportunity to try one of the Covergirl LashBlast products for free. Marketers that get paid the big bucks tell the tale best, so here’s their blurb on the product, followed by my impressions afterwards.

Covergirl LashBlast Mascara offers not one, but four, wildly different ways to power up your lashes.

The original LashBlast Volume Mascara increases volume up to 10 times.

Clump Crusher can build serious volume with zero clumps.

Fusion combines volume with incredible length, and Full

Lash Bloom leaves lashes touchably soft and full.

Whatever look you crave, COVERGIRL has a blast for every lash! Just keep in mind that lashes like this can lead to prolonged eye contact, which is dangerous when driving or crossing the street. Please blink responsibly.

Switch up your LashBlast look from day to night

You can layer on a soft and full look during the day courtesy of Full Lash Bloom, then make a seamless transition to date night with the volume and length that Fusion delivers. You already know COVERGIRL offers a blast for every lash, so why stop with just one?

Clump Crusher


My personal pet peeve with mascara that covers well with few swipes is clumps. And an unsteady hand like my seldom-make-up-applying hands doesn’t help in the process. When BzzAgent gave me the opportunity to test out Covergirl’s LashBlastline-up, the Clump Crusher was a match made in heaven! Coverage without hassles and no mess. That’s what I want!

The container itself was perfect. Thick enough to have a good handhold, but thin enough to not be cumbersome while applying the product. The wand has plastic bristles, which I thought was odd, but its stiffness is what seems to get lashes well spread and clump-free. There is no need for an eyelash comb, curler, or the dreaded safety pin pulling stuck lashes apart.

Here’s a snap of my first use of the Clump Crusher. Ignore my eyebrows that need some love – observe that there are no clumps! Hours later, there was no flaky residue, and my lashes didn’t feel like heavy sludge. Make-up remover removed the mascara at night without issue, but things stayed put throughout the day.

So, even though I am still not a morning person, there is a new object that is a Must Have in my purse for when I do wake up: the Covergirl LashBlast Clump Crusher. It truly is great in my opinion, and I’d gladly pay full price for it – even if I didn’t have a coupon. How much more of a recommendation do you need than that? 🙂


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