Apr 07 2015

Taking Tacos to the Next Delicious Level

Old El Paso Restaurante Baja Fish Dinner Kit

Having never had a fish taco before, I decided to try the Old El Paso Baja Fish Kit when I found it in Almost Perfect, priced at $2.49. This product regularly retails for $4.99 or more in grocery stores.

Old El Paso Baja Fish

The kit includes individually sealed packages of 10 soft tortillas, Baja Sauce and fish seasoning.

The tortillas were fresh, soft and delicious. They are the smaller size. We microwaved for 10 seconds to warm.

The Baja Sauce was easy to make by adding warm water and tasted good. Sodium level may be high for some, since it is packaged food, but it didn’t taste salty to me.

The fish seasoning was easy to apply to damp fish pieces. I used simple White Fish (less than $3 for a package of four fillets). I would suggest shaking in a bag, instead of rolling on a plate as instructed, for better coverage. I would have liked there to be more seasoning available. We ran out and did the remaining fish with panko crumbs and a lemon pepper seasoning.

Cooking time was approximately 3 minutes per side, in just a tablespoon of oil in a non-stick pan.

We garnished with the Baja sauce, red cabbage and a squirt of lemon juice.

Not sure if I would pay a $5 price tag for it, but it definitely was delicious. Flavourful but not overly spicy for wussy me. Hubby added hot sauce to his second and third portions. The kit can easily feed three adults. We rounded out our meal with homemade coleslaw (before preparing I picked the red cabbage out of the bag for the tacos) and avocado wedges.

We liked it so much that I returned to the store the next day to buy more kits!

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