Feb 02 2015

Rrroll Up The Rim at Tim Hortons


I call it “Roll Up The Rim to Lose” but maybe you will have a better track record and actually WIN. The past losses have not prevented me from participating every year though. I’m that kind of sucker. Plus, I love the coffee.

The online version has had a complete overhaul this year. So far, I like it! The best part may very well be the Rrroll It Forward feature, where you can gift your wins to a friend or family member. The facts that you get two rolls per cup, a chance every 60 minutes, and up to 5 cups each time, makes it at least 10 times better than before.

Prizes include

  • 2400 x $25 Tim Hortons Gift Card
  • 200,000 Tim Hortons Free Hot Beverage Coupon
  • 60 x LG Tablet & Accessories
  • 8 x $1,000 Pre-Paid Visa

There will be a VIP Extra Day of Play on April 7, 2015 for those who qualify by earning enough points. If you play daily, you will easily hit that target. The prizes available to be won on that day are:

  • 6 x Free Tim Hortons Coffee For a Year (YES please!)
  • 126,000 x Tim Hortons Free Hot Beverage Coupon
  • 1 x 2015 Toyota Camry

Contest closes April 2, 2015.

Play online here: Rrroll Up The Rim online

Find your local restaurant here: Store Locator

For when your local restaurant is displaying nothing or just XXXXXXXX, Check-in PIN codes can be viewed here: Google Doc: Check-in PINs


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