Sep 20 2014

Don’t get samples. Get full size products for free!

My beloved @AndyAndaCoffee likes to call me the “Queen of Free”. I tell him that I’m the Princess and my Mom is the Queen. She’s the one who taught me to always look for a good deal; as well as the Golden Rule of Free Stuff:

If you don’t want it, take it, and pass it along to someone who needs it.

Many times we’ve given away our freebies to family, friends, homeless people, food banks, shelters and random strangers on the street. The receivers are always happy.

What I dislike, are the teeny, tiny bottles and packets of samples that are frequently given away. Sure, you get a taste or feel for the product, but you really don’t use it long enough to know if it’s truly worthwhile. That’s why I love BzzAgent.

BzzAgent collaborates with people to test various products from many well-known, as well as new, companies. The only request is for you to share (Buzz) the details of your experience. Social media facets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are encouraged, but they truly love hearing about the _conversations_ you’ve had with people. They want to know how many people in your daily life you’ve talked to about the products you have tested. Guaranteed that part of your package will be product coupons for you to pass along; sometimes the coupons are for free products!

I ♥ Free Stuff

Did I mention that the products you receive are the full size that you would buy in the store?

Yes they are.

Full size.

For free!

In exchange for your opinion and sharing it.

Not a lot to ask for in my opinion. I’ve never met a person who doesn’t have an opinion about a book, restaurant, movie, food product, make-up item, luggage, you name it, that they have not shared. If the experience has been negative… whoa… they won’t stop about it for days or months. With BzzAgent, you’ll get rewarded for what you already do.

Sign up is simple and takes about 3 minutes. The surveys you complete (there are hundreds of them!) take less than 1 minute each, and will help target the companies that will be a good fit in your life. Typically it’s one question; some times it’s ten.

Now for the icing on the (free) cake.

More than 10 years ago I signed up with My Points. At that time it was easy to get points for doing things in your every day life while surfing the internet, as a Canadian. I’d received over $100 in Home Depot gift cards (in US funds!!) for basically doing nothing, before they changed their format. Now, it’s a little more complex, but only because I seldom go to their site.

However, MyPoints is somehow in partnership with BzzAgent. Those surveys I mentioned. The one question surveys. You can get MyPoints for completing them if you connect your accounts. Yup – I’m on the way to getting free stuff from 2 different companies while doing only 1 thing.

Love it!

How do you get this great deal?
Disclosure: These are my referral links but you don’t need to feel obligated to use them.

  1. Sign up for MyPoints
  2. Sign up for BzzAgent
  3. Connect your accounts (it’s labelled MYPOINTS in the menu)
  4. Answer the survey questions to complete your BzzAgent profile as they become available
  5. Collect your MyPoints
  6. Accept the delivery of FULL SIZE samples in your home
  7. Redeem your MyPoints for whatever you want

It’s not a lot to do and well worth your time. Honestly.

To answer the question you have in your head now, what has BzzAgent sent me?
This week was one each of Pantene’s new Ultimate 10 shampoo, conditioner and hair BB creme. The package retails for approximately $25 (not factoring in sales, coupons or rebates). Financial cost to me? Zero.

But I will be talking about it really soon.


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