Jun 08 2014

CAA pops up a good deal for its members

CAA has always been a customer-focused company, in my experience. Auto assistance is their core business, but they provide many extras to make membership worthwhile. Family fun at the theatres is more enjoyable for Mom and Dad when they save up to 24% by ordering Cineplex tickets online! You can look at their partners and special perks on this page.


Their latest offering is in partnerhip with Kernals Popcorn – the yummy popcorn company everyone seems to love. Now, CAA members can get a free upgrade to a large size when they pay for a medium. You can share the extra kernals, or keep the extra treat to yourself. Your call. I\’m a big fan of their caramel popcorn and would probably keep it all to myself. Sometimes I\’m selfish like that.

To locate a participating Kernals, search via the CAA promos page.

You can interact with CAA South Central Ontario on Twitter @CAASCO


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