Apr 29 2014

How to be Productive When You Don’t Want to Get Up

Recently (is 6 months considered “recently”?) I’ve been plagued by either a lack of motivation or an abundance of laziness. If the adjectives were reversed, it wouldn’t be such a problem for me. In my mind, there are emails, letters, blog posts, telephone calls, conversations, activities, and aspirations that are fully thought-out and executed successfully – but none of them are put to paper, computer screen, or into action. I’ve been stuck in a rut trying to determine the cause. But perhaps that is the wrong way of thinking. Perhaps I should just accept that this is my personality for the next little while, and figure out ways to get beyond it, or how to work with it.

There are many ways for me to continue procrastitasking while still not addressing the important and critical tasks. There is only one way to break the cycle. What is that one method? Stop agreeing to my first response. Whatever my first thought is in response to a thought of what needs to be done, I need to ignore it and move onto the second one. The first thought is always something that takes me away from achieving the goal (such as Netflix binge-watching); the second is normally a little closer to being productive (hiding the iPad from myself).

A friend shared the following chart to show how very, very easy it is to find a second thought to replace the first unmotivated, inactive, procrastinating thought that pops into my head, or to ensure the environment is conducive to productivity. Hopefully it helps me, and helps you as well, if you need a shove in the right direction.

Let me know in the comments section what you do to stay motivated, on track, and moving towards that elusive CHECK on your To Do list. Another person’s perspective and idea is always great to learn.

How to be Productive

Source: Visually


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