Jan 07 2014

“Welcome to my Porn Site” aka I was hacked

Do you know the old adage ‘Time is money’ or the more recent ‘Being disorganized costs you money’? I’ve always believed these. In my experiences and observations in life, they are true.

I’ve seen or heard of people spending hours on a couch watching TV while stating they have no time to earn extra income; to pursue their hobbies; or to accomplish even one thing on their tremendously long To Do list. I’ve witnessed friends, who couldn’t tell you where the “home” is for their keys or shoes when they walk in the door each night, purchase items they needed – then find multiples of the same item in their home days later. Such as the spatula in the bedroom dresser and the bathroom fixture’s light bulbs in the Christmas decorations box. Of course, those items were stashed in those locations “For Now”.

Those people – yes – THOSE PEOPLE – have annoyed me to the core. They waste time, energy, money and feign a lack of control over their circumstances when, in reality, it’s all their fault. They control the events on which they spend their time. They control the state of their homes. They control the money they spend, and the debt they incur.

And, yet, I became one of THOSE PEOPLE.

I saw it rearing its ugly head and sneaking around corners in the dark, but I ignored it. The time I decided to watch Season One, Episode One of Downton Abbey on a day off instead of logging into the computer to work. That turned into the several decisions over the course of four days that resulted in watching each episode until the end of Season Two. (Good show by the way. Who’d have thunk that servants and aristocrats from the early 1900s would have such entertaining and intriguing lives?) I got exactly zero minutes of work done. And earned a total of zero dollars, of course. (I still haven’t found a way to get paid for part-time TV watching at a level that would be significant.) Kicked myself in the butt and slapped myself in the head for my stupid decisions….then did it again the next week. At that point, I should have requested an intervention (if my friends could find the time in their busy schedules to attend one). It went on like this for far too long.

Access Granted

One victim of my temporary Procrastination Lifestyle was my habit of carefully reading each email that got sent to me. To be fair, I do get over a hundred emails a day – but I must take ownership and not state that as though it is an acceptable excuse. I know the email from my children, beloved fiancée and my brothers are very important to read immediately. What I have learned is that emails from Google Webmaster Tools might need to be moved above them. Especially the ones that discuss a suspected hacking or SQL injection. I read that email with a fully caffeinated and coherent brain about a week after it arrived. Which was plenty of time for me to get linked to by about a thousand sites for various keywords; listed in Google as “This site has been hacked”; blacklisted by a lot of legitimate businesses; and display to any of my visitors at that time, things that are not normally part of my repertoire. Kind of serves me right.

Guess what else this experience taught me? All those times I checked my Backup application, and it said it was ready as of the current date to run the backup, did not mean a backup was actually done. Thank goodness for Google’s cached site option. I would have lost everything and need to recreate it for too long of a period of time to keep me motivated enough to do it. Small mercies, huh?

So now I no longer have a porn and illegal download website for the enjoyment of the dregs of the internet. Hopefully the security measures put in place are sufficient. I’ve set-up my backup program properly this time. And I have requested Google to please reindex me, stop saying I’m a hack, and please, please, please, whitelist me again.

I promise to stop being a lazy lump, even though Season Three of Downton Abbey is available on DVD.


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