Oct 15 2013

An Auction where you always walk away with something (plus free credits from me!)

Like most people who visit here, I like to get good deals; especially for things that are “treats” for me and not a necessity. One of my indulgences, which is very good for my well-being, is an outing at a restaurant with a few of my friends. However, my monthly budget only allows for $20 in restaurant visits. That makes it challenging to do my biweekly lunch date with @BeasKneas and @photofreak72 after Pay Day, and have a dinner with others including @wineordine. Truthfully, my budget makes it impossible unless there is some help from the Universe.

Three regular ways of allowing this treat is through winning gift cards for restaurants, deal sites with drastic savings, and BOGO coupon deals that I find. Frequently I will purchase gift cards for the restaurants I want to visit. Since they never expire, this gives me an opportunity to stock-up slowly before a visit and cover my costs. Winning can not be controlled, but good deals can be hunted down with some perseverance – or by listening to those who find the deals and share.

Today, I am sharing with you – and giving you some cash too!

I stumbled across a new auction site that has a model that works for me and helps me to get the dining out treats I enjoy so much. eBay is great if you have the time to search for the item, keep checking for when it goes live, modify your bid when you remember, and like to be disappointed when you lose at the last moment because you were in a work meeting, or the bathroom. (Can you tell I’m not a big fan of eBay? I’m a Buy Now person on that site because of the time it takes for me to win something.) I discovered something better for me.


Addibuy is an auction site that flips the traditional auction activity and rules on their heads.

The “winner” of an auction pays their bid amount, gets that amount in store credit, and gets the Big Ticket auction item.

The “loser” pays their bid amount and gets a gift card for the same value.

Confused? Re-read that. Let it sink in. Still confused? I got you covered!

Let’s suppose I’m a fan of the food at Boston Pizza (I am so, no big stretch.) Typically my meal costs about $15. I regularly look out for contests to win gift cards there, and will purchase $10 gift cards for myself when I have money left over in my Restaurant Budget for any particular month.

This is where Addibuy helps me get what I want, with a chance for more for free. On their site, I would add Boston Pizza (BP) auctions to my Watch List. As soon as one goes live, they email me. I decide how much I am willing to bid for the prize available (let’s say $10) and turn on my AutoBid. The site, not me, will wait for the very last moments of the auction, then toss my bids in on my behalf.

Let’s suppose that I WIN ~ Yeah me! I pay my bid, get that amount in store credit AND the auction prize (that $50 gift card for BP is mine for $10 plus another $10 credit on top!) The site sends me the WIN notification and I can use the credit whenever I choose to do so.

Let’s suppose that I LOSE ~ Boo…sad me. I pay my bid amount (it was $10) and in exchange I get that value as a credit for BP. What?!? Yes! I bid $10 to win $50; didn’t win; I pay my $10 and get a gift card for the same place, same value. Just like I had planned on doing anyway to stock up for my visit with my friends or family.

So – what’s the catch? How are they scamming money away from me and you? They aren’t. I’ve checked. They really aren’t. The only “catch” is that the restaurant has a Minimum Bid Level. Using our example, BP has offered up a $50 gift card, but they have stated at least 25 bids must be received. That is NOT 25 people – that is 25 bids.

Could be one other person and you: they bid $12, you bid $13 and win a $50 credit.

Or it could be multiple people: everyone else bid $5, you bid $10 and win the $50 prize.

Or the Minimum Bid Level was not met? It’s a do-over; Mulligan; never happened. Nothing is paid and nothing is gained and you have your bid credits redeposited into your account for the next time you participate. Automatically.

Got it?

Yes? Want $5 in free credits on the Addibuy site for signing up? Of course you do! You must enter ThanksCathy when you register or you don’t get the credit. This code is for new registrants only.

No? Leave me a comment, or email, or tweet me and I will help you understand. In the meanwhile, sign-up and get your free credits before the time limit passes. The credits will be waiting for you when you feel comfortable giving it a try.

Get $5 in free credits by registering and entering in the REFERRAL CODE section

ThanksCathy (no spaces) OR

THANKSCATHY (no spaces) OR

thankscathy (no spaces)

Did I mention there are NO SPACES in the code? \":-)\"

You sign up here. And, You’re Welcome.


Terms and Conditions:

This code is for new registrants only.

No purchase necessary.

Limited time offer.

5 x $1 bid credits to spend on any auction and yours to keep in gift card value.

You MUST enter the code when you are REGISTERING, not afterwards.

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