Jun 04 2013

Experiencing #SteakOnSunday at Canyon Creek

In May 2013 I was the lucky winner of the weekly #SteakOnSunday Twitter promotion hosted by @CanyonCreekEats. The prize is a free entree. Considering their entree menu choices include burgers, pastas, ribs, and many steaks, ranging from $12 to $35, this was an excitingly delicious prize to win of good value. I decided to choose the Scarborough location to redeem my prize and share the experience with my Mother. We didn\’t get to see each other over the Mother\’s Day weekend and this would be a Double Mommy Treat.

My Mother is a very discerning critic. Meaning, she criticizes everything. Nothing, anywhere, at any time, seems to meet her approval on all levels. She will state something is good, then immediately tell you all of its faults. Food in restaurants is the most frequent victim of her opinions. Her belief is that she can cook everything better (mostly true) and it should be perfect since it costs \”too much\” (born in the 30s, she still thinks McDonalds should charge 10 cents for coffee). The biggest complaints are the cleanliness of the location, and the amount of salt in the food. There is always too much dust and too much salt.

It was with a little trepidation that I brought her along for the meal and review. I don\’t know why, since we were not being video-taped or on a live feed, but I was worried she would say something that would make me cringe. Something like her ever-popular \”this is crap\” in front of the person that made it. But a review needs to be honest, and I wanted to treat her to a nice dinner. So here\’s my review mainly from my Mom\’s perspective. (Mostly paraphrased of course – I didn\’t record the conversation.)


After being seated: Ohhh…it is so clean. I can\’t see any dust, even on the window sill (as she is giving it the finger swipe test). Yesterday on the TTC it was disgusting! I was on my way to…[15 minute tirade about the dirty TTC buses and subways]… The room temperature is good too. Not too hot at all. Can\’t believe it\’s this nice without having the windows open. And the air doesn\’t smell like old, stale food like… (you get the gist)

Bread and Butter

The waiter brought us a baked-on-premises-tasting-still-warm multi-grain bread loaf (cut into 6 slices) with honey butter. I\’m not a fan of honey but the slight sweetness from the touch of honey was delightful in my opinion. The bread, amazing. Mom\’s opinion was \”This is delicious!\” and then we discussed in jest bringing plastic bags to sneak out some next time.

Menu Options

When reviewing the menu, we were impressed with the varied dishes available, ranging from casual burgers to substantial options of steaks for finer dining. When she started to discuss pricing (see above for what she thinks is a good pricing model from 1930 to be used in 2013) I interrupted to remind her I was paying and that she should ignore the prices. Her response was \”Okay Mrs. Money Bags\” followed by laughter.

The Food

My Mom ordered the 12oz prime rib with a baked potato ($25.95).

I ordered the applewood smoked bacon-wrapped filet mignon ($30.95).

One of my Mom\’s favourite food items is prime rib. In her 75 years of life she has tasted the range from tough clumps of overcooked crude to melt in your mouth tastes of Heaven. She believes prime rib should be tender, rippled with flavourful fat, and from a GOOD CUT that needs no seasoning. The prime rib at Canyon Creek is aged 40 days then marinated in an unique Dijon mustard seasoning blend. My Mom stated after her first taste that it was \”too salty\”, then realized she had taken only an outer cut to sample. When the second slice included both the outer and inner portions she felt it was tender, moist, and with balanced seasoning. At the completion of the meal, she said it was one of the best she\’s tasted, not including hers (of course).

This is my Mom\’s staged for a photo I\’m Loving This Food facial expression. Yes, her pleasure face looks like a grimace rather than a pursed lip grin. I\’ve explained this to her in the past and she tells me to shut up.


This is my meal with a loaded potato – butter, sour cream, chives, shredded cheese, bacon (soooooo delicious and filling!).

Was my filet mignon medium well perfectly cooked? Was it melt in my mouth flavourful and lovely? Yes, it was.

The Baked Potato


Mom: Adding the horseradish sauce to the baked potato is a nice touch.

Me: Ummm.. I don\’t think they do that. Some people may not like horseradish, or may be allergic.

Mom: They definitely did add it. It\’s delicious.

Me: Mom; you added it.

Mom: No I didn\’t.

Me: [looks at her bread plate and gestures with fork]

Mom: [looks at bread plate – notices empty horseradish dish – deer in headlights facial expression]

Mom: OH! I guess I did. [uncontrollable laughter]


Final Verdict

As always, when reading the Canyon Creek menu I am disappointed that the steak and most other entree options do not include salad, and only one side. I would like vegetables and a starch with my meal. Potatoes, to me, are not \”vegetable\”. Before I was finished my meal though, it was obvious that if a salad had come first, or if more was on my plate, I would not have finished it. The meal is very filling.

My Mom didn\’t think of this until I mentioned it, then immediately dismissed it. She felt that if she had just the prime rib, she would have been happy with the meal, because it was perfect enough to stand alone. Then she mentioned how their horseradish baked potato is an excellent signature style. Joking? I hope so.


Friendly welcome at the door. Clean dining area. Good service with a smile. Plenty of food options for everyone including vegetarians, at fair prices. Deliciously cooked food, presented well. Excellent drink choices for teetotallers and imbibers. Dessert options in all sizes for all tastes.

Add Canyon Creek to your Food Places Worth Visiting list! They have Wednesday 5@5 (absolutely fabulous!) and \”Wine Thursday\” promotions if you want to test out a sampling.

Scarborough Location

Follow them on Twitter @CanyonCreekEats for updates and promotions.


Disclosure: I was a random winner of the weekly Canyon Creek #SteakOnSunday Twitter promotion. After being selected, they asked if I would share my experience via Social Media. The host and our waiter did know that we were winners of the promotion and that it was possible details of our visit may be shared. It didn\’t feel as though extra effort was made to enhance our visit, based on my personal prior experience with Canyon Creek, and the fact that once I had to ask for a water refill. Yes, I was already a fan of theirs, so my beginning opinion may be a little skewed positively. I feel your experience will be as pleasant or more so regardless.


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