Mar 18 2013

Where\’s my People at?

For those using, or, or Bell/Symaptico email, it is old news that they have upgraded to Your email address remains the same; but not much else. The layout is the first thing that is very noticeably different.


Microsoft seems to believe that everyone owns a PC and is using the most recent version of their OS and software. At least, that is the impression that I get from them. Not surprisingly then, the great new Outlook styling is very similar to the new styling of their latest OS: Windows 8.

While I do love the look of Windows 8, my laptops, netbook and desktops are still on previous versions of Windows (Win 7, or Vista, or Windows XP, or Windows 95 – yes, 95). My experience with Windows 8 consists of a few fleeting moments during a Sony Vaio and Duo 11 Launch Party, and 30 minutes in a Tim Hortons while healing my friend\’s (less than 24 hour old) laptop that got infected. Makes it difficult to provide any kind of help from memory when mine is full of very little knowledge from experience. However, I do like to help when I can.

The biggest question my one friend has had, and one that is driving her to drink (maybe literally!), is the location of her Contacts in the new layout. It used to be a button. And maybe for a short period of time it was a link. But it was always there, on the left hand side, just waiting for the rare times that she needed it. (Kind of like the extra pair of gloves and the funnel you have in the car trunk that just gathers dust.) Now it is gone. (Like the kids in the house when something gets broken, mysteriously and suddenly.)

The idea was that I would eventually get to her house to look at her screen, and perhaps find the hidden address book holding all of her contacts\’ information. Being somewhat mentally slow when my brain is full of To Do list items, it was only tonight that I thought ~~> I have a Hotmail account. That Hotmail account has been transitioned to Outlook. Oh hey – why don\’t I just look at my Hotmail to see where the Contacts are. (Yes, sometimes I am very slow to realize the very easy answers to problems.)

Off to Hotmail I go. Oh. Look. So pretty. So clean. So crisp. A layout that screams newness (if you knew the oldness). With lots of oversized icons and words. But, where, oh where, are the old links and buttons? This is Microsoft and they have Windows 8 now. The OS of colour blocks and sleek styling. So, of course, I realized that all the links are reorganized and slotted away somewhere \”unobtrusive\”.

Clickety-click, Barbar Trick ** – hit that arrow beside the huge Outlook title and what do I find?


Isn\’t that a great real world example of colour blocking? All the rage in women\’s fashion last year (or the 60s; I really don\’t know).


I no longer have Contacts (which Microsoft has conditioned me to call my friends for the past 20 years). I now have People in my life. Yes, my people. How lovely to find you again.


Mystery number One of the new Hotmail solved. Yeah!

(Still not going to stop importing Hotmail into my Gmail. You need some power under that hood, and for free, to get me back full-time.)

Hope you found this helpful, if you had lost your people too. Had you lost them? Or do you just look at the site from your cell phone and never noticed much of a difference?


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    • beaskneas on 15 May, 2013 at 10:39 am
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    I’m not a fan of mystery meat navigation (this is not the strictess definition of it) either but come now, clickity click and maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for. What I don’t like about the new version is that “Forward” is listed under “Reply” which I guess it is, but not really.

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