Travelling to America I


January 2013

One of the perks (or banes depending on the journey) of being a member of a long distance relationship (what\’s 600 miles when you\’re in love??) is that you spend a significant amount of time in airports. Not, time travelling. That is silly to think. The time is actually...Read More »

Inclusive and Diverse in My City and My World


A person once told, on his first visit to Toronto, that he was not a fan of my city. The pace was too fast. It was too crowded with people. And it was \”too diverse\”. Too diverse. To each his own. In my opinion, the world is diverse; I want...Read More »



Bremner Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

At the base of the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, there is a stone inukshuk. I love that these sculptures keep popping up in less than traditional, and unexpected, areas. The one at Lester B. Pearson Airport always lets me know when I am truly...Read More »

David Pecaut Square


David Pecaut Square, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

There are always a lot of activities happening in David Pecaut Square. Each event has certain characteristics but more importantly, unique stages, tents, banners and such. My co-workers and I are always curious when things start to be built as to what may be coming.

On...Read More »

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