Jun 27 2013

What Does a Blogger Need to Succeed?

Seeking Knowledge

As someone who is new to the Blogging Arena (with hopes of monetizing it at some point) I have a lot of questions and uncertainties. To educate myself, aside from scouring the internet, I search for people that could be helpful in gaining knowledge. This can be tough at times. The bloggers that are well-established, with big followings, tend to be too busy to help or notice me and other newbies. (Some, not many, but some, are down-right hostile about how they figured it out on their own and others should too.)

The people that do notice you and are willing to assist, well, you don\’t want to take advantage or infringe on their time. After all, they are helping out of the goodness of their hearts, and have their own work to do. Coupled with the fact that time differences, geography, and work schedules seem to never mesh easily, connecting with these helpful people can be challenging. It would be so much easier to have a venue where non-stop questions and conversations are expected, allowed, and encouraged.

This is why The Blog Workshop piqued my interest so much.

The Blog Workshop – Online Conference For Bloggers

The Blog Workshop is a three (3) day ONLINE conference for bloggers and vloggers, providing information that will allow them to \”take their ventures to the next level\”. It\’s goal is to help bridge the gap between bloggers, brands, PR professionals and more. Their tagline is \”Where Blogging Meets Business\”. Well, hey, that is _exactly_ what I want to do.

The Blog Workshop calls itself the ultimate conference for bloggers, from newbies to experienced bloggers, who wish to develop their brand. The founder of The Blog Workshop tells us more about what to expect.

This year\’s event took place May 17 to May 19. But don\’t think that you missed out. These people understand the demands of your life and have the entire workshop available for viewing online. On demand. On your schedule. It may not have the real-time interactions, but it has a lot of useful information, in an easy to use format. And it\’s available at a reasonable price point.

If nothing else could entice a blogger, I believe the \”Blogging Laws You SHOULD Know\” Workshop is one that would tip the scales. All of us want to be protected.

Details about this workshop can be found here: http://theblogworkshop.com/workshops


You will receive instant access to the entire collection of recordings as soon as you register. Access will be available for 6 months to give you an opportunity to view the sessions at your own pace.

Register here: http://theblogworkshop.com/tbwc13

Learn More

You can get further information about The Blog Workshop at the following locations:

Homepage: theblogworkshop.com

Workshops: theblogworkshop.com/workshops

TBW University: theblogworkshop.com/university

Connect with The Blog Workshop

Facebook: facebook.com/TheBlogWorkshop

Twitter: @TheBlogWorkshop

Youtube: youtube.com/theblogworkshop

Pinterest: pinterest.com/theblogworkshop


Disclosure: The Blog Workshop gave me free access to their workshops in exchange for 2 review posts. The first (this post) is to spread the word about them. The second (upcoming) as a review of the recordings. The opinions expressed are my own. I will honestly share the information I obtain about the workshops and the owners as it becomes available to me.
If you have any questions about the above, please leave them in the comments section below.



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